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Technology has Gone too Far: No Worries we are Closing in on!


Technology has Gone too Far: No Worries we are Closing in on!

Life without ‘e’:

The word ‘Life’ without the letter ‘e’ would go meaningless that’s how our whole life would be without the ‘e-stuff’. Starting from e-banking to E-store, technology has shrunk the whole world into nothing more than a ‘Digital Village’. The advancements in science and technology have brought everything to door step. Electronic gadgets are ruling the society, especially smarts phones are like the modern deities, your day never starts, ends or progresses with them. Earlier our grandparents had to go to distant libraries to acquire knowledge of something, now kids don’t even know how a library works, after all, they have their Kindle stores.  They are all digitally stored as apps in smartphones. Needless to say, smartphone is the modern day’s ‘horn of plenty’


Online Social Networking:

A topic about technology will remain incomplete without the inclusion of social media. The first form of electronic communication was an email. After that, there is no turning back. There are numerous tools to digitally communicate to people. If there is one book that the universe has unanimously read, it is ‘Facebook’. Now there are various online networking platforms that help us post thoughts, share pictures, connect with friends and what not.

Things about technology that we are not ok with:

Technology, like we see for ourselves has tremendously grown today. If you ask me, these changes are good, they make our lives better and easy and living without these technological developments is almost impossible. But are we rightly prioritizing things? Life seems to be more mechanical and gadget-driven. In between my busy schedule, I totally don’t mind talking to Siri or Google Assistant but not a family member, after all, family members are not artificially intelligent. I agree that with these technological advancements in no time we globally connect with people, at the same time it brought down face to face interactions drastically down developing digital walls between people.

End note:

Ok, getting back to how far technology had gone! These technological advancements are a result of gradual development. There is nothing called a ‘far point’ in science. Of course, certain things are beyond our imagination. But just because they are hard to believe it never makes it impossible. If something new comes up, it is completely our discretion to adopt it or not, so it doesn’t wait for you to approve it. Technology just keeps growing at an unprecedented rate. This is just to realize that there is nothing like ‘the ultimate point’ in technology and science, as long as human beings evolve science will evolve too.

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