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Art & Design

Develop software architecture specifications and design reviews.


Good team work with a co-operative skilled leader.


Write program design description documents.


Project all the ideas and components as a system to build.

About Us

Tekla Inc. offers software development services for companies seeking to build Java based intranet/Internet applets and applications on both client and server platforms. Tekla Inc. specializes in Java programming for networking, personal computer, smart card, Java phones, and embedded systems.

Tekla Inc. has many years of programming experience and can provide the best consultant and software engineer contract services to meet your needs at reasonable rates. Both on-site contracting and remote development services are offered. Tekla Inc. uses the latest Java development tools and techniques.


Why Customers Choose Us

The best consultancy services for you

We can provide the best consultant and software engineer contract services to meet your needs at reasonable rates.

Team of professionals for your business growth

Another excellent advantage for your business is that, if it’s developed by real professionals on the field, then you can also keep hackers and other threats at bay.

Our offices are located worldwide

You can easily grab our services from anywhere in the world. Go ahead.

Your transactions will be secure

We make sure that your business transactions with us will be maintained with more security.

Our Skills

Tekla Inc has experience writing Java applets, MIDlets and applications. Tekla Inc. will work with you to develop Java applets for your web pages on the Internet or your company’s intranet.


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